About Us

Mission Statement:

Membership in the Business Leaders Network (BLN) is oriented to well placed, highly respected individuals in the Greater Philadelphia area business community who value personal networking as a way to promote ideas, people and business. BLN seeks members who have achieved a high level of success and independence and continue to pursue their long-term professional goals and personal ambitions. BLN’s members are today’s young founders of early stage companies, emerging senior managers and executives in growing corporations and new partners in professional firms. The BLN provides a structured communications channel through which these people can reach one another to further their professional and personal interests.

Membership Criteria:

In order to become a member of the Business Leaders Network, candidates must:

  1. Be a business owner, partner, corporate executive or senior manager of their company firm or organization;
  2. Be recognized in their business circles as possessing expertise in their given industry;
  3. Must have 10 years of working experience, 5 years in the Philadelphia Area; and
  4. Must be referred by another BLN member.

In addition to the minimum criteria cited above, BLN seeks members who indicate a desire to initiate contacts with others and those who welcome networking inquiries. BLN’s management team will be responsible for enrolling the initial core members who will then have the opportunity to recruit, for consideration, other members who they feel suit the criteria for membership.

As a way to foster and assure diversity, BLN limits its membership so that no more than three (3) firms or companies in one industry can be represented. In addition, no more than three (3) members are allowed per firm or company. This provides our members with levels of exclusivity and enhances the value of participation.

For additional information, please contact Richard Craft , Director of Business Leaders Network, at (610) 225-1000 or email us at info@leadersnetwork.com.